Over the past four years, I’ve undertaken with great pleasure, the task to curate and share what I felt were the most important videos and audios for one’s own personal awakening. What started out as a hobby became a major passion of mine; a quest to search for the best, top rated teachers and truth tellers on a wide variety of topics.

About a year ago, the idea to convert the site from its free format to a subscription/membership based format was born. It is my hope, that everyone who visits this site and those who have over the course of the last four years, will support the next stage of its development. I have chosen to offer several membership options, all at a low cost, so that it’s affordable for everyone.

If you feel called to sign up or share the web site with family and friends, please do as I’d greatly appreciate it. It is my hope, that everyone will be served in some significant way from the information found on this site. And that it can also serve as a bastion of truth, light and awakening for many years to come.

Blessings & Strength,
Chris Truth